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welcome to RIMS

Welcome. Thank you for your visit to the website of Research Institute of Medium & Small Shipbuilding.

Established in 1997, our researchinstitute has supported the development of technologies in small and medium shipbuilders and has grown to a public research institute essential in the shipbuilding and marine area. We do the best to contribute to the sustainable development of the Korean shipbuilding industry.

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    National competitiveness secured with creative ideas

    Research Institute of Medium & Small Shipbuilding (RIMS) specializes in conducting national R&D for small & medium vessels, marine plant support vessels, marine leisure equipment and marina business. With creative ideas, the research institute does the best to perform joint research with domestic & foreign research institutes, the academic and industrial circles in order to contribute to securing national competitiveness.

  • The 4th industrial revolution and carbon neutrality
    Convergence research to lead an era

    The main values of our research institutes are creativity, convergence, future and practical use. In harmonization of the shipbuilding & marine industry, convergence materials, ICT convergence, and the green energy industry, we conduct business-to-business convergence research to respond to the carbon-zero era and make our most effort to obtain core technologies of small & medium shipbuilding.

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    Advanced equipment and manpower

    By applying our advanced research equipment (e.g., marine leisure water tank, five-axis processing machine), we support shipbuilding evaluation, official testing, and test-operation of vessels for small & medium enterprises. With our professional researchers, we also provide technical instructions, manpower training, and business support programs in order to help out the continuous growth of small & medium business.

  • Futuristic research institute

    Research Institute of Medium & Small Shipbuilding has futuristic research competency, serving as a partner to help out technology innovation of small & medium enterprises. The organization’s door is always open. Please give us more support and interest to help our research institute grow to a world-class organization.




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