ICT convergence

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Research Field

ICT convergence

Shipbuilding & marine ICT convergence technology

ICT convergence technology newly draws a lot of attention in the shipbuilding and marine industry in terms of the creation of a new and high-added-value in the 4th industrial revolution. The technologies based on ICT convergence are developed in various fields, including Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships (MASS), unmanned ships, safe navigation, maintenance, and smart shipbuilding.

Work areas

Shipbuilding & marine ICT convergence technology

  • Supports the development of core technologies for smart ships, autonomous surface ships, and unmanned ships
  • Supports the development of technologies for ship intelligence, automation, and integration in order to achieve ship safety and navigation safety, and prevent marine accidents in connection with IoT, Big data, and AI
  • Develops the core technologies of production & construction efficiency and optimization for improving productivity of shipbuilding business and saving costs
  • Supportsthe development of technologies related to national research projects and standard technologies for enhancing shipbuilding & marine ICT enterprises’ global competitiveness and making their business success

Ship ICT Equipment Technical Support Center

  • Supports the reliability validation in the functional test of ship ICT convergence equipment and marine software quality certification
  • Supports the total solution of navigation communication equipment of vessels and functional tests
  • Supports the KOLAS certification of navigation communication equipment
  • Supports the certification of ship ICT software in international official test organizations
  • Supports manpower training and educationof ship ICT convergence equipment, etc.

Projects in progress

  • Development of smart RMS SW for vessel maintenance based on fault prediction and diagnosis
  • Development of AI based welding quality auto-inspection and integrated management platform
  • Collision avoidance technology based auto pilot system (Autopilot)
  • Development of prediction, diagnosis, and maintenance support system for vessels in navigation
  • Development of multi-purpose ROV system for marine construction
  • Development of safe support service technology for autonomous navigation vessels
  • Development of digital radar system for high-output vessels based on active autonomous avoidance technology



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