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Small & Medium Industry Support

Startups Incubation


Shipbuilding & marine leisure equipment industry

Purpose of foundation

Startups Incubation Center for Marine Leisure Industry in Research Institute of Medium & Small Shipbuilding aims to find and promote startups and startups-to-be with excellent technologies and ideas in the shipbuilding and marine leisure equipment industry.

Startups support system

  • Management, marketing & technical consulting support
  • Making of test products and support for exhibition & expo participation
  • Support for patent application & registration and a variety of certification
  • Connection with the central & local government’s support projects and support for joint R&D
  • Support of infrastructure, such as research facilities, equipment, and materials
  • Person-to-person technical instruction and technical advice based on researchers
  • Support for issuing a certificate of factory registration

Information on activities

Common use of research equipment & facilities

Joint participation in international boat show

Organizational map

Organizational map

Introduction to tenant firms

Room no. Name of firm CEO Business item Remark
No. 101 Moru Corp. Hong Han-jin Production of small vessels with the application of high-density polymer welding -
No. 102 Busan PRS Co., Ltd. Lee Jae-hyeong Carbon ship propeller -
No. 103 Chemon Materials Yeo Young-joon Composite material processed product -
No. 104 Larboard Park Jong-hoon Wood boat production -
No. 105 Jetwake Lee Joong-geon Development of electric motor surfing board -
No. 106 Hwan Ho Shipyard Co., Ltd. Goh Jeong-hyeon Aluminum ship, jet boats, and fishing boats -
No. 201 JMP Networks Co., Ltd. Jeon Chan-jin Ship engine and parts -
No. 202 Empty -
No. 203 BH Marine Co., Ltd. Yoo Jeong-won Aluminum ships -
No. 204 Taeyoung Fan Guard Co., Ltd. Jeong Ghil-yong Contactless power transfer device -
No. 301 Empty -
No. 302 Woogong Soft Kim Do-hyeong Software for shipbuilding & marine plant design -
No. 303 Haein Marine Im Jeong-woo Production of aluminum small vessels -
No. 304 I-on Clean Co., Ltd. Kim Moon-joo Low-temperature plasma water treatment device -

Excellent completion enterprises

Name of firm CEO Business item Region Remark
SMT-Daehan Joh Seong-hwan Production of aluminum boats Busan -
Korea Marine Baek Seung-wook Production of boat floor materials and Dinghy yachts Busan -
D-TECH Lee Young-il Boat production Busan -
CarbonTech Lee Yong-hee Production of carbon boats Busan -
KMCP Kim Seong-ha Ship consulting and interior design Busan -



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