Shipbuilding & marine new materials

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Research Field

Shipbuilding & marine new materials

Shipbuilding & marine convergence new-materials technology

The development of new materials based on technology convergence for lightweight materials, fuel efficiency and air pollutant reduction has been more important due to the International Maritime Organization (IMO)’s enhanced regulations of air pollutants of ships and the improvement in energy efficiency. Therefore, the technology of making hulls and parts based on high-functional (high intensity, high impact-resistance, high environmental resistance, and high fire-resistance) and lightweight new materials is developed.

Work areas

  • Support the development of core technologies of advanced new materials and convergence materials in the shipbuilding and marine area
  • Support the development of technologies of eco-friendly parts & materials and lightweight parts & materials for the improved energy efficiency in line with the 4th industrial revolution
  • Support R&D, standard technology development, design & analysis, test inspection & performance evaluation, and bottleneck technologies in the field of shipbuilding and marine convergence new materials
  • Support the technologies of green ship & marine leisure lightweight hull and outfitting parts & materials, of design analysis and production advancement for eco-friendly parts of transport vessels
  • Support the development of new materials for exhaust gas treatment in order to respond to IMO environmental regulations
  • Support the development of highly-functional technologies of surface treatment and nano composite materials manufacturing

Project in progress

  • Development of vessel tensile-force 490kNcomposite material securing system
  • Technology development of composite materials based large outfitting parts for eco-friendly vessels
  • Development of alternative composite materials with flame-resistance, pressure-resistance, and high strength for green ship metal outfitting parts
  • Development of small & medium LNG fuel storage module for offshore vessels
  • Development of core material based fiber reinforced composites with sandwich structure for small vessels



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